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  • Sky Valley Inn

    World Directory, North America, Canada, British Columbia, British Columbia Salt Spring Island,

    The Sky Valley Inn, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada is the island's only luxury French country retreat on eleven acres of natural beauty. All the guest rooms include a full country breakfast and afternoon wine and hors d'oeuvres.

  • Victoria

    World Directory, North America, Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Island

    Victoria, British Columbia is always in season! Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada, and is a place so green all year that flowers fall out of the sky and even the lamp posts bloom. It is no wonder that it is called The Garden City! The wild beauty of the Pacific coast and the adventure of the great outdoors are within the city limits and ocean and mountain vistas will follow you wherever you go.

  • Garden Acres

    World Directory, Europe, Italy, Abruzzo, Chieti

  • Inverness Leisure

    World Directory, Europe, United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland Inverness,

    At Inverness Leisure, Inverness, Highland, Scotland, the aim is to deliver excellent, high-quality, inclusive and affordable sports, leisure and recreational facilities for the community of the Highlands as well as the many visitors to the area.

  • Ely

    World Directory, North America, United States, Nevada, White Pine County

    Ely is a city in White Pine County, Nevada, in the United States. It is the county seat of White Pine County. The Clock of the Long Now is to be built near Ely.

  • Aruba

    World Directory, Caribbean, West Indies, Antilles, Lesser Antilles

    The beaches curve like an Aruban smile along the western shores, soft and white and fringed with palm trees, sloping gently toward the calm, transparent turquoise of the Caribbean. The waves of the Atlantic crash like incessant thunder against the northern cliffs, carving high, arched coral bridges and deep, dark, secret limestone grottoes. Between the two extremes, in a desert landscape where the cacti grow to the height of a man, great building-sized tumbles of boulders stand like the legacy of some ancient, angry god. Winding roads lead to rocky passes and hidden coves, or sometimes to nowhere at all. Green parakeets call to their mates, and troupials flash billiant orange against the deep blue of the Caribbean sky. This is not the Caribbean as usual. This is Aruba! And, if it's true that opposites attract, then this could well be the most attractive island of them all.

  • Burnie

    World Directory, Australia, Australia, Tasmania, Burnie

    The coast in the Burnie district is a glorious expanse of ocean and sky, with a multitude of capes, bluffs and headlands linked by stretches of sparkling white beach. Behind the coast there are forests, farms, lakes, rivers, and rolling hills planted with all kinds of crops. There are numerous small villages, easily reached on the network of country roads.

  • Maldon

    World Directory, Australia, Australia, Victoria, Shire of Mount Alexander

    At Maldon the air is sweet, the wildflowers flamboyant, the lemons and limes fragrant, the roses brilliant, the wattles and almond blossoms wild against the sky, the elms and white gums gentle screens under the afternoon heat, and the people friendly. The pace, if that is what it should be called, is easy. The rush is over but the secret stays.

  • Mumbles

    World Directory, Europe, United Kingdom, Wales, Swansea

    Mumbles, undoubtedly one of the best sea side villages with some of the most scenic walking in the UK with its undulating landscape and endless beaches, Mumbles and the surrounding area really must be in your list of holiday destinations this year.

  • St Ives

    World Directory, Europe, United Kingdom, England, Cornwall

    St. Ives has a beautiful harbour and charming cobbled streets and alleys lined with quaint cottages. There are many interesting gift shops, pubs, craft-markets and galleries. The whole place is alive with plenty of things to see and do.